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Vision engineers.  Ideationists. Manipulators of emotion. Charmers. Wits. Knuckleheads who can’t get enough of inventing newer, smarter things. It takes a certain breed of mad scientist to believe this kind of obsessive passion for branding is worth pushing for... every single day. That’s us, a bunch of dedicated Dr. Frankensteins.


Rob DeLuke_Founder

Founder & Chief Creative Officer 

His engagement level dial goes up to 11, and that’s just volume. Driven. Weird. Energetic. He’s the man behind our mojo. If there’s an expertise, method, brand or bigwig needed – Rob’s either done it and took home an award for it or knows someone who can do it. He’s why we’re all here.


Rob has over twenty years of experience reshaping corporate brands and their strategic visions to succeed in  today's competitive climate. His primary focus is guiding the agency's vision and brand promise to deliver strategic branding and radical creative development with breakthrough marketing, collateral and trans-media thinking across everything from web site design / e-Business and social media, to broadcast and interactive campaigns. Rob has worked on major brands, including, Disney, SeaWorld, Hilton, Embassy Suites, General Electric, Wendy’s Restaurants, IHOP, I Love New York Travel & Tourism destinations, General Motors, Pontiac, Toyota, The Country of Mexico, The Country of Nicaragua, Trump Hotels, Silver Seas, Barcelo Hotels & Resorts, Groupo Posadas, Finch Paper, Delaware North Corporation which includes all of the National Parks, 50+ destinations & hotels worldwide, and over two dozen universities & higher education clients.

With 1000+ major advertising awards to his credit, there's pretty good odds Rob will lead his team to win a few for you. In fact, Graphic Design USA, a leading worldwide creative publication, featured DeLuke as one of the top 50 designers and creative minds in the country and one of the top creative people to watch. GD USA also features him as an advertising & design forecaster for their publication. DeLuke’s thinking also runs in such prestigious publications as Print, Communication Arts, Adweek, Advertising Age, How Magazine and Step By Step Magazine. He also has multiple published graphic design book contributions under his belt. He has been a featured speaker at AIGA, as well as the How Design Conferences and was honored in the top 30 under 30 and again in the top 40 under 40.


In short: He da’ man.

Words of all kinds, at all hours and volumes.

Annette Ragan_Creative Director

Playing with language as a tool for world domination is her life’s passion. Sometimes it’s audio, other times it’s spelled out. Some believe she has a quota to fill every day–at top volume. This is not true, dammit.



Pho Design Master

Not as good at math as people assume.

Ken Dao_Design Director

It’s tough to rattle Ken. But we try. Throw him an impossible deadline, limit his font choices, take away his lunch… he solves for it. And then throws in another great option. The nerve. If we can keep him from fleeing to warmer climates, we will.

She's fresh, not frozen.

Wendy Amali_Sr. Art Director

She’s a pro when it comes to leading junior designers to the right choices…but where she shines most is by example. Make it original. Make it effective. She’s the maker to trust.

Natural Leader


Music Sherpa

His musical abilities are Infinite - get it?!

Will Severin_Music Director & Producer

Rock will never die. Will’s never cutting his hair. You can’t hit his highest note. Lead singer of Infinite Spectrum, he’s also master of aural & motion production manipulation around here. So, if the perfect snippet of music is unavailable - no problem, he’ll make a better one.  


Everybody wants to direct, but he actually does.

Tom Gliserman_Director of Film & Animation

Several decades of translating messy life into perfect motion, have made him a talent tamer not to mention an incredible storyteller. Shoot underwater, sure. Shoot in the air, yep. Shoot something never tried before – now’s the time. We keep trying to push him too far, but all it ever does is win us more awards.

Mr. Motion 


Super Glue

Though she be but little, she is fierce.

Sheri DeLuke_ Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Concentrated like orange juice. Strong like bull. Sheri fulfills every idea of Napoleonic power with a smile on top (also, he was average height, but that’s not important right now). Able to wrangle a wild Rob into submission–she sees through it all, can capture it professionally on camera and fix what’s wrong, all before you’re done explaining it. 


If there’s no thumb moving, check her pulse.

Ashley DeLuke_Social Media Content Writer

Let’s face it, she’s one of “them.” The connected. The urban. The trend obsessed, fluid tide of tomorrow. And that’s exactly what makes her so valuable, 24/7. Luckily, she’s genetically predisposed to frenetic creative on the fly with advanced sleep deprivation.

Social Butterfly


Creative Activist

He's a wordsman and a woodsman.

Mark Sunderland_ACD Copywriter

Mark was once in an elevator with Don Cheadle but did not have the courage to strike up a conversation, and that is one of his greatest regrets in life. Also, he owns a parrot.

He’s a digital wizard, finding every twist.

Rod Magdalenski_Digital Art Director

He’ll juggle fonts until the perfect one starts stealing eyeballs at every click and turn. Rod’s the guy who helps us breathe life into flat ideas. Ask him about his addiction to orange foods

Font Boy


Director of Happiness

A wet nose doesn’t work for everyone, she’s an exception.

Tallulah_Professional Golden Retriever

Born on April fool's day but she's no fool. She knows exactly where to go and get snacks. We’re already pretty sure she’ll be a lot smarter and nicer than those vicious fluffy puppies you read about in the news. Now that she's arrived, she’ll be answering the door. Promise.

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