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TILT36T ° is a creative innovation boutique that helps our partners find their truth through differentiation and brand storytelling. One vertical we specialize in is Higher Education and have created campaigns for 30+ colleges and universities helping them to becoming true courage brands.  Founder, Rob DeLuke, personally created many disruptive creative campaigns over the last 20+ years – including many for higher education clients as the SVP,  Chief Creative Officer at HotChalk and CCA (both higher education marketing specialists). In fact, most of those creative teams are now TILT36T° contract workers and employees – and share in the acquired talent and passion higher education demands. Each member of the Tilt36T° team is an expert in their field with deep insight into what drives people to choose who becomes part of their consideration set, along with the experience to ensure consumers can envision themselves becoming part of a brand through visual storytelling, leading to staunch brand loyalty. 
Concordia University
This re-brand was designed to make Concordia University a thought leader in transforming an educational platform. We did this by being agile in the ever-evolving digital space utilizing a steady & purposeful amount of paid and organic social media buys to drive on-line enrollment for the MEd & EdD programs. Concordia is a unique model, allowing students on-line, and on-ground to engage with the Faubion School – a fresh model of education spanning the whole student, body & mind from the 3rd trimester of birth through a PhD degree. Our task was a quick agile paced plan keying on large conversions to fill year-round cohorts. The campaigns keyed in on teachers being celebrated as the unsung heroes of society, an idea that is truly shared by all. The efforts included new branding, both organic and sponsored content marketing, email drip campaigns, SEO, journey mapping, digital & social advertising, 3D collateral, 3D direct mail, environmental graphics, Facebook Live events, YouTube-centric video campaigns, and 3rd party promotions with partners like Scholastic. This was all celebrated creatively by embracing a child-like interpretation of the educational world. 
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